Hot work - certification course (Norwegian)

If you are engaged in welding, cutting, grinding, use of hot air tools or other use of open fire, you need a certificate in hot work. You can get this course with us.

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Kursnavn : Hot work - certification course (Norwegian)
Kursmanual : Digital
Type : E-læring
Varighet : 4,5 timer
Språk: Norsk
Leverandør: Trainor
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The course aims to give participants the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to carry out hot work safely.


All those who do hot work.

Examples of hot work include welding, cutting, grinding, angle grinding, soldering, roofing work involving an open flame or hot air equipment, and other open-flame work.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

  • Background for the certification requirements
  • Reducing fire
  • Public regulations and insurance company requirements
  • Fire theory, including the fire triangle, flammability, rate of fire consumption, stages of fire, and fire development.
  • Fire extinguishing methods
  • First aid and how to be prepared
  • Using gases
  • Risk assessment
  • Protective measures before starting hot work
  • Fire watch
  • Responsibilities associated with hot work

The course ends with an exam. When the exam has been passed and we have received documentation from the company that you have completed a fire extinguish exercise, you will be sent a certificate for hot work. The fire extinguish exercise must have been completed during the last 2 years and sent to for registration not later than 2 months after the completed course.

The certificate is valid in the Nordic area for five years, after which it must be renewed.

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