FSE Low voltage and high voltage and first aid for electrical accidents

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Kursnavn : FSE Low voltage and high voltage and first aid for electrical accidents
Kursmanual : Ja
Type : Klasserom
Kurslengde: 1 dag
Leverandør : Trainor

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This course teaches participants to understand the importance of electrical safety, resulting in a reduction in injuries and material damage.

First aid is practical that teaches participants how to perform first aid in connection with accidents caused by electrical current.


Electro and automation personnel who have previously completed the safety regulations course (low and high voltage, FSE and all who conduct work in Ringerikskraft high-voltage installations. Instructions for Operations Supervisors is valid for all high-voltage installations where Ringerikskraft have responsibility. This applies to both regional grids and distribution networks.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

  • Structure and contents of the FSE Electrical Safety Regulations
  • Study of relevant sections of the FSE Safety Regulations
  • Why do we need electrical safety regulations?
  • Electrocution and arc flash injuries
  • Accident statistics
  • The human factor
  • Safety principles
  • Protective equipment
  • What to do if there is an accident
  • Priorities and treatment
  • Fall injuries
  • Electrical injuries
  • Electrocution (heartbeat interference)
  • Electric arc injuries
  • Burns
  • How to give CPR (theory and practice)
  • How to use AED
  • The most common acute electrical injuries and illnesses
  • Common reactions in crisis situations
  • Instructions for Operations Supervisors at Ringerikskraft

The course meets the official requirements for theoretical refresher training given in FSE § 7, with the exception of rescue from heights. No more than 12 months may lapse between trainings (cf. FSE § 7 and the Norwegian First Aid Council).