NEK 400:2018, part 6 - Verifying electrical installations

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Teknisk informasjon

Kursnavn : NEK 400:2018, part 6 - Verifying electrical installations
Kursmanual : Nei
Type : Klasserom
Kurslengde: 1 dag
Leverandør : Trainor
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On completing this course, participants should be able to use installation tests (combi-meters) to document that an electrical installation meets the requirements of applicable regulations and norms.


Electrical engineers, fitters and trainees.

This course assumes that participants already have some basic knowledge of the norm. The course explains a number of terms and concepts and relevant requirements from part 6 of the norm – Verification.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

Metering techniques associated with the requirements and practical use of the metering instrument. Practical training using different meter functions.

  • Voltage and frequency
  • Continuity testing
  • Insulation testing
  • Circuit impedance and short-circuit currents
  • Minimum short-circuit current, Ik min, in different mains systems
  • Maximum short-circuit current, Ik max, for verifying protective device cut-off values
  • RCDs, trip times and trip currents
  • AC classes
  • A classes (AC/DC components)
  • G classes (without time delay)
  • 0° and 180°
  • Testing with ½ * rated current
  • Rated current test
  • Instant trip test
  • Ramp test
  • Earth resistance metering
  • “5S” five safety fields